Deluxe Specialized

ROYAL Bridges

Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass

Reza Ziaei

Master Luthier


The authentic artist, in any field, tries to reflect a glance of his/her living world in the work of art with deep insight and represents a different understanding of the world.
The artist’s work of art meanwhile his/her perception of the surroundings. The more powerful and effective the work of art is, the more profound attitude belongs to its creator.
Such perception could be so profound that extends the work of art’s process during centuries and makes it as a source of inspiration for creative artists in meantime.
On the other hand if the process becomes weak or superficial, then little by little it will lose the capability to last in time.
The profound perception which leads to the creation of a masterpiece, grounds in years of continuous hardworking and striving.
When a color lays on canvas, a pleasing ode comes out of notes and a sculpture’s hatchet splits the stone to create a memorable work of art, finally it seems as if everyone seeks to deepen the infinite aspects of life for a more profound realization.

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