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Cello Bridge
Cello Bridge
Cello Bridge

Key points which are considered in making the "Constant Bridge":

IVariety in the type and quality of the wood applied for making the violin bridge
IIVariety in the quality and quantity of the age of the tree used for extracting the proper wood for making the violin bridge
IIIMean time of at least 3 years and 70 years at most for the drying process
IVLevel of the quality resistance after application of professional wood processing methods
VDiversity in the quality of wood cutting to reach the intended standards considering the natural behavior of the wood
VIUsing different models and patterns considering the physical and mechanical wood properties
VIIVariety in the production of violin bridges on different preparation levels (from crude form to fully prepared) for installing on the intended instrument
VIIIVariety in the production of different violin bridges considering the quality, acoustic features and systematic function of the instrument
IXDifferent production qualities are classified in three main groups: Standard, Premium and Royal
XApplication of Different Measure Standards:

○ Distance between two bridge legs: 38 mm to 43 (Violin)
○ Distance between two bridge legs: 46 mm to 54 (Viola)
○ Bridge height from 34 mm to 48 (for Violin and Viola)
Cello BridgeCello BridgeCello BridgeCello Bridge


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