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Topics included in our "Physics" syllabus:

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This course aims to:

1- Approaching to the concepts of physics and mathematical descriptions of the natural phenomena through developing the intuitive intelligence via observation and experimentation

2- Exploring the commonalities between distinct phenomena to overcome the conceptual difficulties through mastering simpler problems

3- Achieving a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of physics as the basis of approaching to the applied physics

Course program:

1- Posing a question as the main theme to discuss in each session

2- Argument to provide a thorough answer to the question

3- Performing simple and collaborative physical experiments

4- Describing the theory when overcoming the defects of intuition is fully realized

List of topics:

- Mass

- Force

- Momentum

- Motion, Velocity & Acceleration

- Newton’s Laws of Motion

- Work & Energy

- Waves & Sound

- Heat

Mechanics of Materials
Waves and Sound Physics (Acoustics)
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