Reza Ziaei

Master Luthier


Colors are the most crucial materials for a maker, using harmful chemical substances to accelerate their drying, or poisonous solvents such as aceton, petrol, thinner would threaten not only maker's health, but also instrument quality and resistance against time. Some problems such as low-quality of sound, darkening or cracking of color, destroying of wood's tissues, covering with lots of plaques, etc, damage fine sensitive violin's body.

Regrettably, modern technological world has changed the taste and quality of verity and purity. Therefore, it would be better to revert to pure ideal olden golden epoch and harmonize with the method used in masters such as Amaties, Strad and Guarnerie's workshops.


We supposed to discover and reconstruct related historical truth; the heritage left by golden age masters behind. Professional masters whose instruments last several centuries while they are getting better, more precious and more melodious.
We are hopeful to take efficient steps of knowledge, wisdom and power to improve the above mentioned conditions.

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