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It seems that in our contemporary world, a great conflict has arisen between the art and its deserving and respectable dignity; which many various facts have fueled this matter. The art of creating violin, like other arts, is not immune to this problem; remaining pathless even before reaching its apogee, and if not in a declining flow, not in its uptrend either!

Our community, far from any harmful thought to the distinguished art of creating violin, pursues its responsibility as a creed, and tries to endue this art both to the students and to the future generations, not by teaching the numerals needed to make, but only through developing and deepening the wisdom and intellectual abilities. Accordingly, before any demand for entry into the community, it seems to be necessary that the person has come up with an answer to the fundamental and important questions, such as...

Commitments and Requirements

A collection of basic prerequisites and fundamentals that are based on the knowledges, values and attitudes that are accepted by the community. The members of the community are directly responsible for any of the clauses contained in this text.

Clarity in objectives and demands, rectitude and sustainability of work
Responsibility for the work efficiency of community, especially in the communication between the participants and the consultants
Defining a presentation program by the applicant and responsibility for individual follow-ups
Efforts to gain knowledge and provide the basis for workshop studies
Commitment to the principles and fundamentals of the community in accordance with the prepared contexts
Responsibly compensation of losses in case of causing damages to the community and workshop
Having financial ability (reasonable turnover), time and workplace by the applicant
Individual commitment to payments and regular clarification of bills

Code of Ethics

A collection of comprehensive ethical foundations that aim to advance the short and long term goals of the workshop. The code of ethics should be placed in all individual and communal decisions regarding activities or in the interest of the community.

An obvious and persistent effort to develop abilities, to acquire knowledge and progress in work, in thought and in competence, especially on accepting communal responsibilities
An obvious and persistent effort to strengthen individual discipline and assist in the regular progress of the workshop objectives and issues
One-way commitment to individual responsibilities and obligations
Regarding the rights and safeguarding the interests of the workshop, including:
○ Trusteeship of the observations in workshop, published works by the workshop, writings and ideas
○ Trusteeship of the work experiences and accomplishments achieved through workshop
Confidentiality and trusteeship of the other members’ data, personal information and in-group content
Commitment to the originality of the contents that are expressed without mentioning the source
Work and moral rectitude, avoiding ambiguity and mysteriousness
Commitment to moral principles in individual and group communication

Communication Rules

A collection of behavioral and communication principles among members that is defined to reduce time and information loss, as well as to maintain and improve the quality of cooperation.

Maintain respect and politeness for self and other members of the community
Integrity and honesty in behavior and speech
Adherence to time commitments and discipline in relation to teachers and other members
A sense of responsibility for improving the quality of collaboration and communication between individuals
Observance of the workshop rules


Remind yourself that all men assert that wisdom is the greatest good, but that there are few who strenuously seek out that greatest good.




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