And all knowledge, when separated from justice and virtue, is seen to be cunning and not wisdom; wherefore make this your first and last and constant and all-absorbing aim, to exceed, if possible, not only us but all your ancestors in virtue...

Plato, Menexenus.

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Thou wisdom, I seek your uniqueness and wish to be mingled with the unity of every eternal virtue.

And thou dear Spirit, I won't render you to the neglect of the moments and won't let you be dimmed by the power of shadows.

And thou precious breath, I won't allow an opportunity-like ruin to take you and shall not sing you to a vain vow.

And thou fragile flesh, I won't sell you to a sincere sin and won't sing you to a costly abjection.

Inheritance of every permanent dignity lies in the essence of human's hidden spirit.

The time and place man with the holiness of a unified nature will inherit the everlasting wisdom of the endless universe.

Then, all blessings will overflow from his immortal inner source and roaring of this undeniable burst will dominate over his entire existence.

That is the time when procreation would be like a new dawn of another sun. A resurrection of a penetrant light.

There is a time when the appearance of a unified awareness from various pluralisms will shape a solid composition inside human's spirit and the conception of the learning horizons will transform into a phenomenon of being and becoming.

Where, the entire existence of man like life's ability of endurance will ground breathing without determination or will.

This way one could join to the endless journey along the undefinable road of immortality.

In fact, everything is at its highest meaning a Mean. A kind of being, which is the outcome of various perspectives and dogmatisms which have been concealed for a long time.

Therefore, generations and generations of humans along this earthy bubble have been applying the rules and instructions which they have gathered along history and these troops of humans tried to extract the truth out of these teachings.

This endless circle is happening and happening again and repeating and exceeding itself.

And perhaps man has not yet perceived that long time has passed and little work has been done.

And why have habits become the promise to an empty announcement?

There is a continuity of a vague beginning to a hidden end.

To be a moment, to stop and to observe, and gain to stop and to become.

Understanding of devouring what has formed the true concept of every existent phenomenon and revival of what has been sentenced into inexistence.

And along this scene of existence a vast understanding of unity of being to an endless existence is possible.

An inspiration mixed perception of a time which has been defined as timeout, which is definitely not and is in fact: Timeless.

Thou wisdom, I seek your uniqueness and wish to be mingled with the unity of every eternal virtue...

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